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    Bad News… and Good News


    I caught corporate HR in a lie.

    But. I. Can’t. Say. A. Word.

         I personally called the corporate benefits person today. She said they never received my appeal. The same appeal she told my site HR person was also denied, even though I never received a denial letter. Only she doesn’t know my site HR person had me listening to their conversation on speaker phone last week. She also doesn’t know, and I can’t say without getting my site HR lady in trouble, that my site HR lady kept an electronic copy of my FMLA and sent corporate the original. So I get to fill out the paperwork, and my doctor does too, again and send it in, again. 


         Shift assignments were released today. I got my first pick of 9am-2pm Monday through Friday. An hour later start and an hour later finish, but still same amount of hours. That starts on July 11th. Soooo, I get to sleep in an extra hour! W00T! Also, the Voltaren gel is helping with the constant hand pain enough that working isn’t too bad. Altho on busy days I have to take a hydrocodone when I get home.

    Till next time…


    It is What it is.

    1. rebelliousgirl said: I just want to send you some love. You rock!
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